DONE: Collected baskets

Done displays all the baskets that have been completed in the last 90 days. A basket moves to Done when:

  • The Out column is enabled AND the basket is set to Mark as collected in the Out column.

  • The Out column is disabled AND the basket is set to Mark as checked in the Checking column.

  • The Checking and Out columns are disabled AND the basket is set to Mark as dispensed in the Queue column.

When a basket is moved to the Done column, the action is final and cannot be reversed. In other words, the contents of the basket become read-only and can no longer be edited.

View collected baskets

  1. From the navigation, select Done.  

    You can also click View Collected from the Out column to go to the Done page.


    By default, this page displays all the baskets marked as collected in the last 90 days. The tally of baskets is automatically updated.

    • Date range: Filter the displays of collected items by date range, by patient name or by basket number.

      You are able to view collected baskets for the last three months only.

    • Pagination: Use the arrows to navigate through the pages.
    • Reset: Remove all filters and clear the Search field.