MedView Flow 2024.C

Release Notes

13 May 2024

New in the release

This release brings some changes to the backend, fixes bugs, and includes a few adjustments that you will notice. Below is a list of these changes for awareness.

MedView Chat - Text replaces icon in menu

The Chat option on the top menu is now relabelled 'CHAT'. Previously, this displayed as an icon.

MySL - Retrieve Activation Code

Patients who are registered and active on MySL will soon be able to access their own MySL via a mobile application. In order to set up this up, they will need to enter an activation code into the mobile app.

This release of MedView Flow includes a Get Activation Code button so that you can provide the activation code to the patient.

For more details, see Get an Activation Code so Patient can access MySL from a mobile application

Create Basket - Enter Key

Now, you can press the Enter key on your keyboard to create a basket when you are on this screen. Previously, you could only use your mouse to select Add to Q to create a basket.